Abhishek Kumar Bojja

Graduate Research Assistant

University of Victoria


I am a Computer Science Graduate student at the University of Victoria, living on the beautiful Vancouver Island, Canada. I work as a Research Assistant in the Visual Computing Lab.

From the past two years, I am on a mission to teach computers to see by leveraging Machine Learning and Deep Learning. I currently research on novel algorithms for Real-Time semantic segmentation on low power devices, domain adaptation for semantic segmentation of hands using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs).

I have significant experience in Software Development through my Research Assistant and Intern positions.


  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Software Development


  • MSc in Computer Science (Thesis), 2020

    University of Victoria

  • BTech in Electronics and Communication Engineering, 2015

    Indian Institute of Technology, Dhanbad








Full Stack Web Development

Deep Learning

Computer Vision

Natural Language Processing

Machine Learning



Machine Learning Engineer Intern (NLP)

Nuance Communications

Jan 2020 – Apr 2020 Montreal, Canada

Responsibilities :

  • Developing Language Models for Non-English languages to provide Conversational AI products.
  • Working closely with the NLU research team in collaboration with the MILA Lab, Montreal.

    • Technologies used: Tensorflow, Python, Docker.

Machine Learning Engineer Intern

Motion Metrics International

May 2019 – Aug 2019 Vancouver, Canada

Responsibilities :

  • Designed and Developed an end-to-end Deep-Learning based computer vision pipeline to remove shadows from images caused due to varying illumination conditions. The Shadow Removal algorithm I developed has improved the company’s existing algorithms performance by 95% and is ready for deployment in production.
  • Researched and Developed Domain Adaption algorithms using Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN’s) for the Shadow-Removal project.
  • Worked with an experienced team of Senior Software Engineers that followed industry-proven disciplined agile methodology for development.
  • Project management using tools like JIRA to create, assign, and submit tasks, manage task descriptions and task timelines.

    • Technologies used: PyTorch, Python, OpenCV, Docker.

Research Assistant, Visual Computing Lab

University of Victoria

Sep 2017 – Dec 2019 Victoria, Canada


  • Developing novel algorithms for Real-Time Semantic Segmentation on Low Power Devices.
  • Developing algorithms for domain adaptation of semantic segmentation of hands using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs).
  • Developed and open-sourced a large scale dataset containing 200k annotated depth images and deep-learning architectures for hand segmentation.


Management Trainee

Coal India Limited

Jul 2015 – Jul 2017 Sambalpur, India
Responsibilities :

  • Administration of the database server and part of a team that involved in the design of physical database schema, data modeling, and performance tuning. I was part of a research team working on building an Explosive Recommender System, that helps optimize blasting operation to attain production efficiency in coal mines.


Flack - Real Time Online Messenger Application

An online messaging service using Python’s Flask, similar in spirit to Slack.

Facial Key Point Detection

Developed a Facial keypoint detection system by training a convolutional neural network on Youtube Faces dataset.

Hand Segmentation from Depth Images

Created a large scale dataset containing 200k annotated depth images and deep-learning architectures for hand segmentation.

Accomplishments / Awards

Computer Vision Nano Degree

Learned cutting-edge computer vision and deep learning techniques from basic image processing to building and customizing convolutional neural networks.
See certificate

Deep Learning Nano Degree

See certificate

University Entrance Graduate Fellowship

Awarded for the first year of my master’s program

Merit Cum Means Scholarship

Awarded for 4 consecutive years for excellent academic performance


  • 250 885 2990
  • 1445 Fort Street, Victoria, BC, V8S 1Z4, Canada