Flack - Real Time Online Messenger Application


  1. Developed an online messaging service using Flask, similar in spirit to Slack.
  2. New users can sign in and create or join an existing chatroom. Once a channel is selected, users can communicate in real-time, with the help of WebSockets.
  3. The users also have an option to create new channels for communication.
  4. Flack uses Flask for the Backend and Javascript, HTML, CSS, BootStrap for the front-end.
  5. The user’s information is stored in the PostgreSQL database.
  6. The final application is deployed on Heroku and is available at the link
  7. The image attached above shows two users communicating with each other in real-time.
Abhishek Kumar Bojja
Graduate Research Assistant

Graduate student at the University of Victoria, Canada. Passionate about ML, DL, Computer Vision and Data Science.